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Stanley O. Ayodeji was born in Leicestershire but spent the best part of his colourful childhood growing up on a diversely rich Council estate in the heart of Nottingham.


As a product of a one-parent family, he shared a house with a determined Nigerian mother and five siblings; two elder sisters, three younger brothers. African values of respect, self-pride and a solid education were encouraged within the home at all times - often difficult to uphold on a Council estate where fathers are absent and an apt role-model is not that easy to come by. Ultimately, outside of the family, the local environment and the intrigue hidden between uniform maisonettes and ill-lit streets becomes a second home almost, depending.


Stanley is the founder of an affiliation of creative individuals collectively known as WeFourPoets (W4P), co-ordinated in close unison with the wonderfully energetic, talented writer & editor David A. Llewellyn. They met at a storytelling event in Manchester and have not looked back since the first conversation they had discussing just about everything (but writing, primarily)!


W4P first came to prominence with a locally acclaimed play 'In and Out of Changes' (1.5hrs duration all told in rhyme!) and has featured in performances mainly within the North West region, in venues such as Star on The Cliff, Sip Club, 3MT (Three Minute Theatre), Zion Arts, and the International Anthony Burgess Foundation.


Stanley now lives in Manchester. After leaving mainstream education, the next twelve years or so of his career were spent teaching in a specialist secondary school. After gaining further experience in a residential setting for young people with autism, he continues to work in specialist areas of education where the need is greater and so is the joy.


Writing and performing poetry, he has published a collection of verse - 'After the Riot, Quiet!' - and has won several awards for storytelling. Stanley's latest play "Same Stre't, Diff'rent Day" was shown at Manchester's 3MT theatre in May 2016.


'Damage Limitation' is his debut novel. His second is being written as you read...

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"As with the tongue, pencil and pen scratch sharp and blunt, yet whisper peace all along. With this in mind, I ask that you allow me nothing more, nothing less, than the write to live!"